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Young Living is a Scam

Several years ago I wrote a blog post on my old website about why I quit Young Living. I focused on the over-the-top and unsafe claims the company and "independent distributors" made. That post was one of my most popular blog posts ever and saw more traffic than any other part of my website.

I believe that post was so popular because many people have the same experience: they join something like Young Living and quickly become disillusioned when they can't convince anyone around them to buy their product. They then go searching online to figure out what is wrong with them and, instead, discover that there are thousands and thousands of people in the same position as they are.

While the original post was lost, I think it's important to keep this kind of discussion open, which is why I'm writing a new post with a new perspective. If the stats on my old site were any indication, there is a need to be sure.

Young Living is a company that's commonly known as a mul…

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