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Relaxation Bath Salts

I love taking baths. I could literally just sit in a bath tub with a book and a glass of wine for an hour or two. They're so deeply relaxing and have the potential to be a wonderful way to retreat from the world and just chill out.

Now, more than ever, I really appreciate that aspect of a bath. I turn off my phone (so the CNN notifications don't give me a heart attack), close and lock the door (so my partner doesn't come in and tell me what just happened on CNN), and, if for only an hour, nothing else exists. Taking that time to unplug and turn off the stress and anxiety of the day is so healing, and honestly, so necessary for my sanity. I don't take a bath every day (I wish!), but a few times a month is enough to mellow me out.
The best part about taking a bath is that it's so easy and cheap to take it up a notch. Yeah, you can go to a mall store and spend a fortune on bath bombs, but why bother? You can make a delicious and effective bath salt right now, probabl…