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Scrying isn't Scary

Every month I go to a fair in Rochester to sell my stuff. I usually bring an assortment of candles, wax melts, clay diffusers, herbal sachets, and other fun seasonally appropriate things. Lately, since we're working up to Halloween later this month, I've been bringing a larger-than-usual collection of hand-painted scrying mirrors.
Eyebrows start to lift as people tried to figure out what these black mirrors are for. Two months ago I added a sign that gives a basic explanation of how to use a scrying mirror.

I thought this would be helpful to customers, especially the ones who look like the last thing they want to do is talk to me (hey, I totally get that). However, I find most folks now eagerly start reading the sign and, just about when they get to the second paragraph, their eyes get wide, like suddenly they're reading something they aren't supposed to and they're worried they'll get caught.
This isn't always the case, of course. Many people are excited …