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Welcome 2019! (Ch-ch-ch-changes!)

I am so excited to start 2019. It just feels good. Like, I’m not filled with typical #newyearnewyou delusions like usual (“I’m going to lose 50 pounds! I’m going to get out of debt! I’m going to finish anything I start!”), but instead, I just feel like I’m back where I need to be.

In early 2017 I started having what I would consider a mental breakdown. I had been out of work since 2013 and had been focusing almost all my energy and attention on Zu Foos. At first it was exciting and enriching, but soon it became stressful as my fun candles and potions became something I needed to sell in order to pay my bills every month. The more stressed I got, the less I actually did. I spent more and more time inside my own head, creating narratives that didn’t make sense and painting myself as some sort of misunderstood artist. I was so lonely, spending most of my time alone, worrying about my ability to support myself, worrying about disappointing my family, worrying about losing my friends, worr…

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