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Reiki is a Pyramid Scheme [changes part 2]

Reiki is an alternative therapy (also referred to as pseudoscience and quackery) that was made popular by Mikao Usui in Japan, and then brought to North America by Hawayo Takata. The practice is essentially that of laying on of hands and is focused around the idea of qi/chi, or universal life energy. A reiki practitioner believes that they are channeling universal life energy from the source of all energy (as opposed to using their own energy) and directing it into, usually, a person for the purposes of mental or physical healing. Reiki is just one of many types of "energy healing," or pseudoscience medical practices that involve the manipulation and/or movement of an unknown energy for a given healing purpose.

My first experience with energy healing was while I was attending a Spiritualist Church in Rochester, New York, in or around 2012. During every church service, a large portion of time is dedicated to healing. The church I went to set benches out at the front of the ro…

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