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"When will you restock your candles???"

When I started making candles aromatherapy candles for Zu Foos, I was thrilled at the possibilities in front of me. I initially thought it would be fun to make very small unique batches of different scents, but this became problematic almost immediately. As it turns out, people don't like inconsistency (which is fair), and it's also kind of a pain to create, make, test, label, and market new blends on the regular. Realizing this I instead created a line of chakra-inspired candles (7 in total) and worked to keep them in stock all the time.

This, too, became problematic. While I think that naming the candles after the chakras was a cute idea, it turns out that "Love: The Heart Chakra" doesn't bring to mind a scent, and, to those who did immediately think of things like rose and lavender, the candle disappointed. The traditional color for the heart chakra is actually green (and not pink), so I created a candle that "felt" green, that was enveloping and lov…

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