Hi. I'm Nick.

I’m an aromatherapist, a medium, a reiki master, a tarot reader, and a general intuitive witchy-type. I’m the creator behind Zu Füß, and the only employee. Everything you see on this website and on my Etsy shop is handmade by me.

Essentially, Zu Füß is an experiment to find myself. I spent a huge chunk of my life trying to be what I thought was expected of me and, shocker, I ended up super unhappy about it. Since 2015ish I’ve been working hard to rediscover those parts of myself I’d lost. Through working with herbs, essential oils, magic, and spirit, I’m helping to bring myself back to that kid I used to be, running barefoot in the orchards, singing to the trees and making magic.

Zu Füß isn’t just a business; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about authenticity, truth, and connection. It’s about not knowing where I might be going, but learning to trust the journey.

Zu What?

Zu Füß! Or Zu Foos!

[Pronounced: zoo foose. Rhymes with shoe loose]

Füß is one possible original spelling of my now Americanized last name, Foos. Yes, I am aware that I have misspelled “füß.” For those Germanic grammar nerds out there the proper spelling is fuß (singular: foot) or füße (plural: feet). I misspelled it in part because I don’t speak German and in my researching to find the correct spelling I found it spelled both correctly and incorrectly and didn’t know the difference. More importantly, however, the umlaut (ü) has always been very significant to me. As a child I learned that my name may have originally been spelled with an umlaut. As early as middle school I was spelling my name Nick Füss (I hadn’t yet learned about the German sharp-s (ß) or basic Germanic grammar). Even after I learned of the misspelling, I chose to keep the stylized phrase. It hearkens back to my childhood and reminds me about the time when I started to develop my individuality.
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