About Nick

Hi. I'm Nick.

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I started Zu Foos in 2015 after spending too many of my post-college-dropout years trying to climb the corporate ladder and brainwashing myself into believing that retail management was the key to happiness.

I was lost. I was depressed and angry, and I’d forgotten who I used to be, and what that guy dreamed about. I saw a life coach and she asked me a simple question: If money were no object, what would you be doing?

I told her that I’d probably regress to wandering barefoot in the orchards behind my dad’s house, discovering plants and feeling the energy of nature. That idea eventually morphed into Zu Foos, a venture whose only goal is to make magick in the woods again.

Zu Foos is German for “on foot.” It’s a reminder to keep my feet on the ground, my toes in the dirt, and to trust where they’re going. I’ve already seen what happens when I ignore them, so what do I have to lose?

“Yeah but what do you do?”

Zu Foos is about honesty, truth, and authenticity. Those things aren’t always easy to live in, and, as such, things I offer come and go. Generally, though, I like making stuff that smells good. Perfumes, candles, bath salt, and incense, to name a few. I strive to use ethical and safe ingredients and I’m always interested in the environmental impact a given ingredient has.

Scent is magickal. It’s an element of life that is otherwise undetectable. It creates an impact you’ll always remember, but you can’t see scent, feel it, or hear it. It’s ethereal. But good smells aren’t the only magicks I dabble in. An essential part of my being has always been a connection to the spirituality of the world.

It’s this connection, this branch of my soul that gives me the most problems when it comes to authenticity. I read tarot, I practice energy healing, and I’m a developing psychic medium. When I feel it’s right to do so, I share these services and products with people as well. Though, sometimes the planets align in such a way that I feel unable to offer them for a time. If you’re looking for any type of spiritual services and you don’t see them listed in my shop, shoot me a message. If I can’t help you out I’d be happy to direct you to readers and healers I trust and love.

Zu Foos is dynamic. One of the exciting and terrifying things about committing to follow my feet is that I usually don’t know where they’re taking me.

The unknown is half the fun, though. It’s embodying that “Fool” energy, and if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you do.