Business Ethics

Above all else, I commit to being a vegan business. I don't think we need to exploit other living things to fully enjoy our lives on this planet. Therefore, I will never produce any items that include any animal products (like honey or milk, for example). I don't think there is any issue with using found animal items in your spiritual practice (like feathers or bones), but I personally don't feel a connection to that practice.

I strive to be an ethical craftsperson. That means using natural and synthetic components that are produced in an environmentally-friendly way, using reusable or recyclable packaging, and always trying to reduce my carbon footprint. For me, being ethical also means that I acknowledge pseudo science and unethical advertising in the industry. Terms like organic, non-gmo, and natural are largely meaningless buzzwords meant to inspire capitalism, rather than to actually help the planet. Addressing these terms and concepts requires a nuanced approach, so please check my blog or email me for more information.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for a cause. Shopping at Zu Füß doesn’t just help support a small gay-owned business, it supports the choices that Zu Füß makes. As a customer, you have a right to know what businesses, organizations, and services I do business with. Also, you have a right to know what charitable causes I support. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about anything listed on this page, please let me know!

Companies Zu Foos does business with:

Mountain Rose Herbs
Aromatics International
Aura Cacia
Bulk Apothecary
SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc.
M&T Bank
United States Postal Service

Companies that Zu Foos no longer does business with because of their practices or ethics:
Hobby Lobby

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