Business Ethics

Above all else, I commit to being a vegan business. I don't think we need to exploit other living things to fully enjoy our lives on this planet. Therefore, I will never produce any items that include any animal products (like honey or milk, for example). I don't think there is any issue with using found animal items in your spiritual practice (like feathers or bones), but I personally don't feel a connection to that practice.

I strive to be an ethical craftsperson. That means using natural and synthetic components that are produced in an environmentally-friendly way, using reusable or recyclable packaging, and always trying to reduce my carbon footprint. For me, being ethical also means that I acknowledge pseudo science and unethical advertising in the industry. Terms like organic, non-gmo, and natural are largely meaningless buzzwords meant to inspire capitalism, rather than to actually help the planet. Addressing these terms and concepts requires a nuanced approach, so please check my blog or email me for more information.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for a cause. Shopping at Zu Foos doesn’t just help support a small gay-owned business, it supports the choices that Zu Foos makes. As a customer, you have a right to know what businesses, organizations, and services I do business with. Also, you have a right to know what charitable causes I support. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about anything listed on this page, please let me know!

Companies Zu Foos does business with:

Mountain Rose Herbs
Aromatics International
Aura Cacia
Bulk Apothecary
SKS Bottle and Packaging, Inc.
United States Postal Service

Companies that Zu Foos no longer does business with because of their practices or ethics:
Hobby Lobby