Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Sprays and Oils

I'm very excited to announce my new Aromatherapy Sprays. Each 2oz amber bottle is filled with a blend of high quality oils and distilled water. The sprays are made to be shaken and sprayed on pillows, curtains, drying laundry, or directly onto your face for a burst of healing and soothing fragrance.

The formulas here are my own, and only made with Pure Essential Oils (PEO), not fragrance oils, which are made with artificial chemical components.

Always test the sprays in a small area first (be it skin or cloth) to make sure to avoid a reaction. If you experience an allergic reaction on your skin, discontinue use immediately.

Each blend is priced individually to reflect the cost of the individual oils used.

Clarity: spray on your face and wrists before an interview or meeting as it will help improve your communication. It is bright and energizing, but calming and nurturing as well. $7.00

Brain Wash: A perfect pick-me-up after a rough night, or a great way to unwind after a long day of mental strain. Heady and earthy with bright floral notes. $7.00

Fresh Start*: Clear away what isn't working for you and start from scratch. Bright citrus is balanced by dark, thick, herbal notes. $10.00

Sacred Woods: A blend of holy woods and resins that will help align your energies with Spirit. This blend is also great for clearing away negative energies and inviting in positive vibrations. $15.00 [TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK]

Orange Zest*: A sparking and piercing blend of citrus fruits and mints. This blend is uplifting and stimulating- perfect for a dreary winter day. $7.00

Essential Oil Blends

Each oil comes in a one (1) dram amber bottle.

Clarity $10/dram

Brain Wash $10/dram

Orange Zest* $10/dram

Fresh Start* $12/dram

*Citrus oils cause sun sensitivity on the skin. Avoid sun exposure when using.

To purchase oils or sprays, please contact me (via buttons at the bottom of the page), or check my Etsy shop to see if any are available there!

Young Living Oils

I'm a distributor for some of most amazing essential oils on the planet. Seriously! I personally use a lot of their oils every day to help improve my life and health. Most of their oils are safe to use internally, which is something you don't often see on essential oil labels.

If you're interested in purchasing oils, you have two options: 1) Purchase through a distributor (::ahem:: like me, maybe), or, 2) you can become a distributor! A distributor receives a 24% discount on most products and has the opportunity to earn rewards. I promise, it's a very low-risk thing. You can either become a distributor to buy oils for yourself and your family, or you can choose to make it into a business. To maintain membership, you need to spend $50 in a calendar year. You never need to purchase another starter kit to renew your membership (unless you want to!).

If you'd like to become a member now, please click here, or the button above.  My member number is 2156605, but that should already be filled in for you. 

Check out their website for information on their products and pricing. Let me know if you'd like to sample some oils before you buy!