Reiki + Energy Work

Energetic Healing + Reiki

Energetic healing of all varieties has fascinated me since I heard about faith healing as a child. It wasn’t until I joined a Spiritualist church, though, that I got to actually try it out for myself. This church offered a period of healing in each service. Healers in white coats would stand behind benches. You’d simply sit on the bench, and the healer would lay hands on you, delivering spiritual energy. I sat down at one of these benches and was shocked to find that I could actually feel some unseen thing pour over me. It felt like warm, slow-moving water that was able to move through my body. I was hooked! I immediately began training in church to be a healer, and on many occasions offered spiritual healing during church services. It was also through that church that I began my reiki training, a healing modality that is similar to spiritualist healing.

Currently, I offer distance healing sessions that incorporate spiritual healing, reiki, and other modalities I’ve trained in.

Simple Healing - Option 1, $5

In this option I will send healing energy your way and, essentially, call it a day. You can choose to receive the energy during the day or while you are asleep (please include the times that you generally sleep), but beyond that, you won't be receiving any other communication from me. This can be a great option if you're frazzled, sick, or already seeking medical care and you just want an extra bump of healing energy sent your way.

You don't need to do anything special to receive the energy, and it won't effect your ability to live your life (or to sleep soundly!). Most likely, you'll notice some atypical calm and will carry that healing energy with you for a few days.

Simple Healing + Discussion - Option 2, $20

In this option, you and I will actually schedule a time to perform a 20-minute healing meditation. We can be hundreds of miles apart and in different time zones, but the important thing is that we both sit in mediation at the same time. After 20 minutes we'll communicate via text, Facebook message, or Google Hangouts and discuss your experience as well as images and messages that I received.

This is a great option if you want to (or are able to) be more active in your healing process or if you're looking to better develop your own healing modality.

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Reiki Box

If you're looking for a more passive energetic experience, consider this subscription. When you sign up you'll be added to a dedicated email list. Each week you'll get an email with the time and date of that week's reiki session, and some ideas and suggestions for how to benefit from it. If you are able, sit quietly for a few minutes at the scheduled time and soak in the energy. If you aren't able to sit at that time, or if you don't want to, don't worry! The energy will still be flowing your way and it'll bring good vibes with it.

This is a great option for those pressed for time, or those just starting their journey into energy work.

$4 per month ($1 per reiki session), via PayPal subscription

Want out of the box? Unsubscribe!

In-Person Sessions

I love to do in-person healing and energy work, but I very rarely do it. It involves a lot of trust between myself and the participant, and, therefore, is not something I'd have a "buy now" button for. Please contact me if it's something you'd like to inquire about. Expect the prices to be right around here:
-Spiritualist Healing (done in a chair, about 10-15 minutes) - $10
-Full Reiki Session (about 60-90 minutes, done on a massage table) - $60