Spiritual Ethics

Tarot Readings

All of the tarot readings I offer focus on introspective development. While there may be aspects that are predictive and which may involve my developing psychic and/or mediumship abilities, these are by no means the main course. For me, tarot is the perfect way to access your own subconscious and gain deeper and different insight into your life.

Reading the tarot reading you receive from me shouldn't be the end of your experience with it. Each reading is meant to be a jumping off point for your own journaling and self-discovery.

Energy Healing

It's easy to see things like reiki as an alternative to modern medicine. After all, it's called "healing." While some practitioners may position themselves as a true alternative to modern medicine, I am not among them. I believe that energy flows through all of us, through all things, and through all of the universe. Learning to sense and manipulate this energy is the basis of many spiritual practices including spell casting, mediumship, psychic phenomena, and, yes, reiki and energy healing.

While I believe that it is indeed possible to use things like reiki to heal major illnesses, I think it's extremely unwise to rely on this type of thing, especially today when so much of the world has access to much, much more effective therapies.

At its best, I believe that practices such as reiki should be used to address general wellness concerns, including stress relief, relaxation, and spiritual development. A practitioner that claims to be able to cure any given ailment is one you should avoid.

The reason why I, at times, offer energetic healing sessions as part of my business is because I believe the energetic connection we form during the session is spiritually beneficial, also because I use that connection to access spiritual messages that may be available for you. Think of it as a relaxation session followed by a super mini psychic and/or mediumship reading.

Mediumship and Psychic Readings

I offer these from time to time as I consider myself a developing medium and psychic. These sessions focus on answering straightforward questions or contacting any departed spirit who wishes to come through. I usually don't deliver excessively negative or disturbing messages and I choose to focus on positive or restorative aspects.

On the Subject of Spiritual Services

A major point to consider in in my spiritual ethics is that I will only ever perform spiritual services for you, the person who has consented to have these services performed. I, as a rule, cancel and refund orders where the customer asks me to read the mind of someone else. Above all else I find that unethical and won't even try to do it. I view spiritual services as tools to better oneself, not to guess the feelings and intentions of those around you.

Sometimes people around you do come up in readings. I keep these figures purposefully vague and will remind you that you can only change your own actions, not theirs.

Concerning Cultural Appropriation 

Cultural appropriation is a hot topic in any venue, but it is extremely pertinent to the New Age movement. It is typical for New Agers (who are largely white) to take ideas and practices from other cultures and peoples who have been disenfranchised, colonized, and/or killed by white people, and then profit from those practices in one way or another.

It's for that reason that I actively try to not include appropriated ideas and concepts into my own practice or business. I try to draw mostly from relatively modern practices that were created in cultures parallel to my own. Gods and goddesses I reference are vague neopagan-European concepts, for example.

I certainly don't profess to be the master of cultural appropriation studies, but rather a student. I am always learning and my personal practice and my business change to suit what I learn over time.
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