Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

I believe that tarot can be an invaluable tool used to gain deeper and more holistic insight into problems in your life. I believe that the answers you need are already inside of you, and that tarot can help you rediscover them.

photo by Alexander Brett Doane

What to Expect

My tarot readings, whether done in person or typed into a PDF, are designed to be a collaborative process between you and I. The purpose of these readings isn't to tell you all the answers, but to help you find the answers within yourself. My goal is to bring you simple, actionable concepts that will help bring about your desired change.

For the most part, I do readings via email. Submit your question and applicable details about your life to me and I will return a write up of the reading I've done for you.

My current offerings are below. Click each link to read more about the reading and to purchase through Square secure checkout.

Free Bitch: A 2-Card Tarot Reading for Inspiration and Renewal - $7

The Flip Side - 3 Card Tarot Reading - $15

The Celtic Cross: An All-Purpose Tarot Reading - $25

Leaping Through the Lenormand - Lenormand Card Reading - $30