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There are a lot of different ways we can work together. I’ve worked hard to develop my skills over the years and I hope that they can be useful to you in some way.

Tarot Readings

Tarot has been my favorite medium for divination and self-discovery since I picked up my first deck, around the year 2000. I've been reading for myself and others ever since. Currently I'm offering the following readings and tarot packages:
Free Bitch: A 2-Card Tarot Reading for Inspiration and Renewal

The Celtic Cross: An All-Purpose Tarot Reading

The Torch- Finding Your Light in the Darkness

Leaping Through the Lenormand: A Grand Tableau Spread with the Lenormand

The Year Ahead: 12 Months of Guidance

Tarot-Based Intuitive Coaching and Psychic Reading

If none of these speak to you, please email me ( and tell me about what you’re looking for. I’d love to create something new and unique just for you.

Tarot readings can also be a great addition to a party or event. Contact me to discuss the specifics of what you’re looking for. Generally, though, I love reading tarot for individuals or small groups of people.

Energetic Healing + Reiki

Energetic healing of all varieties has fascinated me since I heard about faith healing as a child. It wasn’t until I joined a Spiritualist church, though, that I got to actually try it out for myself. This church offered a period of healing in each service. Healers in white coats would stand behind benches. You’d simply sit on the bench, and the healer would lay hands on you, delivering spiritual energy. I sat down at one of these benches and was shocked to find that I could actually feel some unseen thing pour over me. It felt like warm, slow-moving water that was able to move through my body. I was hooked! I immediately began training in church to be a healer, and on many occasions offered spiritual healing during church services. It was also through that church that I began my reiki training, a healing modality that is similar, but different, from spiritualist healing.

Currently, I offer distance healing sessions that incorporate spiritual healing, reiki, and other modalities I’ve trained in.

Energetic Healing + Aura Imaging

If you’d like to have a healing session in person, please contact me. I’d love to set that up with you. I can offer spiritual healing or reiki, or a mixture of the two. When we talk we can figure out exactly what you need.

Please keep an eye on this space to find out when I start teaching reiki. As a reiki master, I have the unique ability to attune students to the energy of reiki, eventually giving them the ability to pass attunements as well. I’m currently working on putting together a reiki course, but if you’re interested in learning on the fly, please contact me.

Psychic Mediumship

Many people claim to be a “natural medium” or that they were born with “gifts.” That’s not me. I’m just a normal dude who didn’t see (many) ghosts growing up. I didn’t talk to angels or see dead people. But I always really wanted to. I spent years and year studying mediumship and developing my psychic skills, and I’m now thrilled to be able to share those skills with you.

Psychic Readings – Quick Answers to Your Questions, Guidance, and On-The-Go

I love sharing these skills in person, and I’d be thrilled to hold psychic and/or mediumship sessions with you in person. To talk more about scheduling your session, please contact me.


I’ve been studying the use of essential oils and aromatic substances for years, both on my own, and through organizations accredited by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. There are many beautiful and surprisingly helpful ways that scent can improve your life and help heal your mind and body.

I should also mention that I’m not part of any essential oil company or multi-level marketing company or pyramid scheme, and if you buy anything during an aromatherapy session with me, it will be something I’ve made specifically for you (and not a new career where you can be your own boss and sell expensive oils to your friends).

If you have an issue that you’d like to talk with me about, please contact me. We can talk about your problem (it can be specific or general. If you’re not sure if an aromatherapy consultation would even be helpful, email me!), briefly discuss your medical history (some oils to have negative reactions with some prescription medication) and then we’ll talk about potential products that might help you. You can then decide if you’d like to try one or more of them, and I’ll give you a cost estimate, make your products, and deliver them to you.

Email me ( if you think aromatherapy might be for you. I’m excited to talk to you about your options.

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